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Do not make the broken key extraction process turn into a pain in your neck. Leave everything to Expert Locksmith Services experts. We have been handling all types of locks and keys right from the real antique pieces to computer-controlled electronic variety. The key typically has a head extending into a blade that goes inside the lock. You turn the head to open or close the mechanisms. Now for various reasons, accidental breaking of the key might happen. This way, the broken blade will remain within the lock making your life difficult. Our broken key extraction services have rescued hundreds of residential, commercial, and automotive clients through the years. Now we are ready to handle your emergency as well.

Is lock replacement necessary when you have a broken key?

Expert Locksmith Services Pomona, CA 626-391-3768No, we do not think so. If you have not done anything additional to complicate the situation and have called us to the spot immediately after the key broke, we would be able to resolve. Being experts in damage free broken key extraction process chances of restoring the mechanisms is quite high. By trying it yourself, there is a high chance of damaging the delicate internal components. In the complex modern lock, the number of such components has increased as well. Thus, only an expert will be able to handle this effectively. Our services across Pomona, CA are known for prompt broken key extraction irrespective of the lock type.

How much time would we take to extract the broken pieces?

There is no set rule that will dictate the outcomes and the timeframe required. Still, being veterans in the trade we can safely assume that the broken pieces will be out and your locks will be operable well within 30 minutes. This is what our team takes on an average to deal with broken key extraction process. Use of the latest technologies and tools will make sure that no damage occurs to the lock. When you insert screwdrivers and other hard tools inside the lock as an amateur, the chances of damage become quite high. What is more, you might even accidentally injure yourself in the process.

Making the spare key after the extraction process

After broken key extraction now, it is time to make the spare key and keep your lock functional long term. We have on the spot key making solutions from Expert Locksmith Services. Our team will travel with hundreds of key blanks with computerized precision tools that will do the job.

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