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Expert Locksmith Services is as concerned about your security as you are yourself. We tailor new locks installation according to your budget and requirements. High quality lock mechanisms are the key to effective security according to our team. Through the years, our team provides the best quality solutions for your home or commercial security. Experience in handling different types of mechanisms is a huge bonus for our clients. This means that new locks installation is easy for us, irrespective of the complexities involved. Our team is capable of handling deadbolts, Mortise locks, and high security locks among others.

Installation of new locks for your home or business

Expert Locksmith Services Pomona, CA 626-391-3768Expert Locksmith Services in Pomona, CA offers mortise locks installation! Commonly for door fitting, this style of locks involves silver flag or long brass type keys having teeth in a symmetrical pattern on its end. These could be 2-5 lever systems offering secure solutions for property. Sash lock has handles that operates the lock latch. This will keep your door shut after pulling or pushing closer. Deadlocks are also available for installation. These do not have any handles and involve key operations instead. We can also install nightlatches where you slam or pull the door shut. For opening, you need to use the key from the outside. On inside, the lock latch part remains retracted by a small handle or lever operation. We’ve got a lot of other options for you to explore.

New locks installation process

Technicians for lock fitting can handle all types of new locks installation procedures. These might involve simple locks or installation of the overall entry system for your door. For example, when replacing mortise locks for internal doors, we will make sure that the mechanisms fit on the sides of the door properly. Removal of existing lock fitting paves the way for the new mechanisms. We use screwdrivers, chisel, appropriate auger bits, and the drill. This helps us to make the needed access. Once done, it is now time for new locks installation. If it is the same model, fitting will take just 10-15 min otherwise, more time as we will drill new holes and make further adjustments.

You might have different reasons for installing locks such as a transition into a new apartment rental property, replacing broken locks anymore. Whatever it is, call our expert services for new locks installation in Pomona, CA area, today.